Below are the packs available for Asia. Each pack provides a field guide to the birds of the region with photos, descriptions, and sounds of species found in each region, as well as the bird identification wizard for the region.

To add a pack, download Merlin on your phone, select Bird Packs, find the one you want, and tap “Get.” The Merlin app and all Bird Packs are available for free.



India: Common birds

Habitats in India vary widely in elevation and moisture, and this contributes to a great diversity of birds. This introductory pack features widespread species found across India, from Kerala to the Himalayas.








Israel is a migration hotspot. Birds moving to and from Eurasia and Africa are funneled by the geography of the Middle East, leading to spectacularly large flocks of raptors, cranes, and storks in migration. In addition, Israel is home to many unique desert and mountain breeding birds. This pack includes common birds of Israel, including migrants, breeding birds, and winter visitors. This pack was released in partnership with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.