Below are the packs available for Australia. Each pack provides a field guide to the birds of the region with photos, descriptions, and sounds of species found in each region, as well as the bird identification wizard for the region.

To add a pack, download Merlin on your phone, select Bird Packs, find the one you want, and tap “Get.” The Merlin app and all Bird Packs are available for free.


A map of Australia completely shaded in green


Australia: All

This pack includes all regularly-occurring species in mainland Australia and Tasmania. Explore birds in the rainforests of Cape York, the arid interior deserts, and everywhere in between.






A map of Australia with shaded western and interior regions

Australia: West

This pack includes birds from the Great Dividing Range west to the Indian Ocean and from the Southern Ocean north to the Kimberley and Top End regions. Explore the arid specialists of interior Australia and the unique species of southwest Australian scrub forests.





A map of Australia with coastal Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland north to Mackay shaded in, along with all of Tasmania.


Australia: Southeast

Includes birds from southeast Australia and Tasmania, ranging from Victorian coastal areas up to semitropical southeast Queensland. Coastal and urban species are included, together with more common species on the inland side of the Great Dividing Range.




A map of Australia with an arc from Broome to Mackay shaded in green, reaching from the coast to the edge of the interior deserts


Australia: North

This pack includes common species across northern Australia, including the Kimberley region of Western Australia, Top End of the Northern Territory, and far north Queensland (except northern Cape York).