Below are the packs available for Europe. Each pack provides a field guide to the birds of the region with photos, descriptions, and sounds of species found in each region, as well as the bird identification wizard for the region.

To add a pack, download Merlin on your phone, select Bird Packs, find the one you want, and tap “Get.” The Merlin app and all Bird Packs are available for free.



Western Palearctic

Explore the birds of the Western Palearctic region. This pack includes frequently encountered species from the Azores and Canary Islands to the Ural Mountains and from North Africa to Scandinavia.








This pack includes all regularly occurring species in Iceland.







Europe: Britain and Ireland

In partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology, we are excited to offer this pack containing the diversity of birds found across Britain and Ireland, from common garden birds to heath and mountain birds. This pack includes Photo ID, identification text, images, and sounds for all species covered.




Europe: Scandinavia

Explore the birds of Scandinavia, found in habitats from urban gardens to remote tundra. This pack includes frequently encountered species of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.







Europe: Western

Explore the birds of Western Europe. Diverse forests, mountains, marshes, and other habitats contribute to the bird diversity of the region. This pack includes frequently encountered species found in France, north to Germany, and east to Austria.







Europe: Iberian Peninsula

The arid steppes, high mountains, and subtropical wetlands of the Iberian Peninsula host a wide variety of breeding and migrant bird species. This pack includes frequently encountered species found in Portugal and Spain, as well as specialties found on the Azores and Canary Islands. This pack was released in partnership with SPEA, Birdlife International, EuroBirdPortal, Fundación Caja Navarra, SEO Birdlife, Sociedade Galega de Ornitoloxía, SCN Gorosti, Birding the Strait, Itsas Enara, Lonely Birder, Birding Canarias, GREFA, and Asociación de Naturalistas del Sureste.