Merlin’s free bird identification tool and field guide can help you identify more than 3,000 species of birds. These species are divided up into Bird Packs, which allow you to download just the species found in a given region.Ā Choosing what content to download lets you personalize Merlin to cover your regions of interest and reduces the demand on your phone’s storage.

Merlin can use your phone’s location to suggest the pack for the region nearest to you. Download just your local region or download packs from around the world! Merlin’s Bird ID wizard, Photo ID tool, and photos, descriptions, and sounds cover over 3,000 species. Click here to download Merlin for free on your iPhone or Android.

Photo ID works without Bird Packs, but it won’t have any information about the species it suggests! Downloading Bird Packs will let you compare photos, ID tips, and sounds of the suggested species right in the app. Once the Bird Pack is downloaded, you can also use the 5-Question ID wizard. Plus, all of the information in the Bird Pack will be available offline for easy reference any time.


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