Join the Merlin Sound ID Project!

Merlin Sound ID is a tool that helps the public learn to identify bird sounds while powering:

  • Engagement – improves identification skills and community awareness of birds
  • Research – expands analytical capabilities
  • Conservation – supports acoustic monitoring efforts and conservation decision making
Black-chinned Sparrow perched on branch vocalizing
Black-chinned Sparrow © Bryan Calk / Macaulay Library

How can I bring Merlin Sound ID to my region?

Are you passionate about bird sounds?

Can you identify the majority of bird song and calls in your region?

Do you want to practice your sound ID skills and learn more about your region’s birds?

Annotate Recordings!

If your answer to these questions is YES, a paid position to annotate recordings may be available for you on the Merlin Sound ID team.

Learn more about the process of annotating recordings using the Merlin Vision annotation tool by watching the Merlin Sound ID Annotation Quick Look YouTube video or visit our tutorial.

Annotations are boxes drawn on spectrograms that define the time span, frequency range, and identification of bird sounds. The annotations are drawn using the Merlin Vision annotation portal and toolbox.

Record Sounds!

The simplest way to contribute is to upload your bird sound recordings to eBird. More than 100 focal recordings are needed to train Merlin to identify a species. Only 20% of birds species worldwide have enough recordings. Learn how to make bird sound recordings or explore sound recording tips and upload to eBird.

Isheta Divya recording near Bangalore, India © Kathi Borgmann